High Studio Mission

We help women to harmonize physical, emotional and sexual health. We discover in the Woman the source of her strength, beauty, freedom and sexuality. We offer quality education in the emotional and sexual sphere, which allows the woman to create a happy relationship with her partner, leading to mutual enjoyment.

High Studio Services

High Studio offers a comprehensive individual approach to every woman. Any course of training will begin for you with the procedure for diagnosing intimate health. Based on the diagnostic results, a specialist will create an individual training program, taking into account your goals, wishes and peculiarities. After the course you will go through post-diagnostics, and we together with you will analyze the achieved result.

Our author's technique

Imfit is an innovative author's technique for developing intimate muscles, comprehensive strengthening and maintaining woman's health, opening up the feminine essence and harmonizing all spheres of the Woman's life.

Together with Imfit, you will:

  • Learn how to control your intimate muscles
  • Begin to experience orgasm and pleasure from sex
  • Accept and love your body, your feminine nature
  • Become sexy, attractive and desirable
  • Establish a relationship with your loved one or bring into your life a decent man
  • Restore your woman's health and hormonal balance
  • Clean the microflora and improve immunity
  • Get rid of numerous gynecological diseases
  • Prevent early menopause and aging

Comprehensive programs

of harmonizing emotional and sexual health, awakening and developing sexuality

Emotional and sexual education

We invite you to our master classes and trainings!

You will gain knowledge that will allow you to better understand your partner, his sexual expectations and fantasies, his views on relationships, his emotional expectations and... many more secrets!
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The founders of the High Studio franchise network
Yefym and Halyna Shabshai


"Our mission has always been to create techniques for harmonizing all spheres of human life. Sexual and emotional spheres affect each other, enhancing the pleasure of communicating between partners, if these spheres are developed and mutually aligned. We would like to create a place, where a modern woman can improve her intimate and emotional health, open up her natural sexuality, increase her sensitivity and improve the quality of her intimate life. This way High Studio was born."

Quality control of services at High Studio

We care about the quality of services at our studios all over the world, that's why we value your opinion about High Studio specialists and about the achievement of your desired result. You can always send feedback, comments or suggestions to our head office. Your message will not be published anywhere; your contact information is only needed to contact you and clarify the details. Thank you for your time!

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